Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Painted Children's Rocker

A lot of people love the look of painted furniture and may want to try a quick project of their own.  I picked up this children's rocker at our church rummage sale.

The slatted seats are not my favorite painting surface because it's hard to paint a complete image on it.  But it is great for striping colors and being whimsical. 

 I sanded the piece first.

Then,  I spray primed the entire rocker. 

 Next, I base coated the rocker white and then chose my color palette.  I decided to paint this rocker in girly colors.  Lots of pinks and oranges!

 The stripes and accent colors usually take a couple coats and look great against the white background. 

Adding flowers and painted designs finishes off the look. 

And remember to always protect your painted furniture with a clear sealer to make your painting more durable. 

This piece is sold, so some little girl is enjoying it right now!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. It turned out adorable! I could sit and watch you paint for hours!

  2. This is too cute! I love it! Great tutorial too.

  3. It's all about mater of WoW. I loved the painting chair so much. When I saw it first picture and second, I couldn't believe that the second one can be painted such a beautiful away. This sort of things really inspire to do something by own. I have some old furniture and would love to try the same as shown above for matching my daughter's white painted furniture and hope, it'll make her happy.