Thursday, April 14, 2011

Silhoutte Jungle Mural

A friend of mine is adopting a baby from Ethiopia and asked me to paint the nursery.  She wanted to represent the animals from the baby's homeland without being too realistic (possibly frightening) or babyish. 

 The sophisticated silhouettes of the animals are perfect.  Don't you just love the bedding?  She had it custom made and it gives a taste of the African culture. 

I freehanded the border and it's the lyrics to "It's a Small World," perfect for the little guy who is traveling across the globe to his new, loving home.  "There is just one moon and one golden sun,"

 "And a smile means friendship to everyone,"

 "Though the mountains divide, And the..."

"...oceans are wide, It's a small world after all."

I painted and blogged about another nursery very similar to this, just wanted to show you the look again!

Welcome to America, Henry!

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  1. Love, love, love it. The room could not have turned out better. Thank you so much! Michelle