Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pilot's Powder Room

A friend of mine was remodeling her entire old beautiful home into an amazing and fresh, new beautiful home. One of the projects for her new finished basement was to create an interesting powder room to go with the airplane theme of the bar and recreational space.  Her husband was a pilot and she had fun plans for the room including a lit up airplane sign and a good sized model plane for over the bar.  She wanted my help for the bathroom after she saw some inspiring wall paper that resembled the riveted metal panels of an airplane cockpit.  The wallpaper was soft and "carvable," allowing for fingernail graffiti- not good.  So, we came up with a design where she would paint the entire room metallic silver (ceiling too) and I would do the rest.

I painted two windows looking out over the ground, capturing the patchwork feel of the land below.  I included  her tiny house and other little dwellings.

The instrument panel was basic, as she planned to get her hands on actual old dials and controls.  I did include the attitude indicator, though, and other official looking gauges.

The tromp l'oeil bomber jacket and goggles hung on the opposite wall, ready for an immediate take off.

And the faux seams and rivets that I painted ALL OVER the walls and ceiling made you feel like you were in an actual plane, not just using the potty.  It made it look authentic!

The bathroom is a hit and is often enjoyed by guests visiting the biggest hang out room in the house.  So, don't neglect your basement bathroom, as it often gives you a chance to do something fun and unique with the decor and have personal meaning for you!