Thursday, August 18, 2011

Star Wars Legos Pop Art

A customer of mine had a great idea to spruce up her son's room.  She wanted to combine her love for contemporary art with her son's passion for Legos-notably Star Wars Legos.  

She wanted the flexibility to hang four paintings either in a large square over his bed or in a row, gallery style, along his side wall.  With Andy Warhol on the brain, I came up with these canvas paintings.  

They are 24" x 24" and depict Darth Vader, 

a Storm Trooper, 

Luke Skywalker, 

 and Captain Rex.  The bold colors and shapes will look striking against his tan walls.  So, if you're unsure about committing to a wall mural, think about what can be created on canvas!

Here is a painting my daughter did in art class last year, also with the pop art feel.  Totally fun and they make great inspiration pieces!

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