Thursday, June 9, 2011

Garage Sale

My daughters and their good friends have been planning to have a garage sale for an entire YEAR.  They sorted through toy boxes, closets, and drawers and priced up a bunch of their toys to sell.

Preparing for the sale was a lot of work for us parents, but it motivated me to get rid a bunch of stuff, too.  So, we picked the same date as our citywide garage sales, made some signs, and set up shop.

 Look at how busy we were.... I think our dog, Brady, sleeping in the middle of the sale was a perfect comment to how it went.

Turns out, we did sell a few larger items & furniture, but couldn't give a TV away.  Well, actually, we DID give a TV away... to the neighbor kid.  Everything left over got loaded up and delivered to Goodwill and the kids were pleased with a little extra cash in their pockets.

And Brady was pretty tired from the excitement!

I love going to garage sale and was able to find a few treasures myself.  Stay tuned to see what I end up doing to these....
 A lightweight set of drawers with decals...

 And two solid wood nightstands.  Everyone has a place for these!
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SummerFair 2011

 I had the pleasure of participating in Summerfair this past weekend located at Coney Island in Cincinnati.  I have never been a vendor at that show before so it was hard to know what to expect.

The crowd was pretty good, but it was so darn hot!

 I painted extra furniture pieces and sort of neglected my Christmas ornament inventory.  See my tiny tree display?  So, guess what I sold out of.....Christmas ornaments!  Darn, if only I had stayed up later, painting a few more spoons and keys! 


So, those of you who are interested, I still have the following pieces of furniture up for grabs!

I do not have another art show planned until October, so I am looking into options to display my work until then.  But that gives me a lot of time to come up with new projects and ideas!  You can find my smaller painted items in my esty shop,   Thanks for looking and keep stopping back!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

SummerFair This Weekend!

I'll be brief because I'm going nuts getting ready for this 3 day show!  Come out and see me this weekend June 3-5 at Coney Island in Cincinnati. My booth number is 35F.


The show runs Friday June 3, 2pm-8pm, Sat June 4, 10am-8pm, and Sunday June 5, 10am -5pm.

The show features over 300 artists with 47 of them being local.  Admission is $10.

Look and see what I'm bringing!  Lots of new things, so come and see!  There is something for everyone.