Thursday, September 8, 2011

Classic Pooh

 As an artist, it's always fun to paint a new theme or unique item for the first time.  I had this chance when I was invited to a baby shower where the nursery theme was Classic Pooh.  Because the mother-to-be was also a tennis pro, I knew I could put a fun "spin" on her hand painted gift from me.

I painted her a frame with Pooh & and Piglet playing tennis.  It was a "hit!"

 I also found unfinished nesting capsules and painting each one to be a sweet Classic Pooh character.  Although not a toy, these will look great on a shelf in her nursery.

The last one was a pot of "hunny!"

 And here are some shots of a Classic Pooh nursery I painted awhile back.

  So, consider Classic Pooh as a room theme for your little one.  It's so cute!


  1. OH.MY.GOSH. SOOOOO cute! My twin sister is having her first baby, and her theme is classic Winnie the Pooh. I love the nesting dolls!

  2. Beautiful paintings i like your art work and perfect for baby's nursery.Pooh baby shower