Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Picasso School Mural

This summer, I had the opportunity to paint a wall mural at Madeira Middle School that was inspired by Pablo Picasso's famous painting entitled Three Musicians.

Picasso was in the height of his Cubistic period and illustrated three figures using distorted shapes and flat blocks of color.  The painting shows a clown playing the clarinet, a harlequin playing the guitar and a singing monk. 

My version includes references to the school, as I added a globe, book, paper and pencil, and Madeira graphics.  Here is a quick video showing the mural come to life!

I had a great time paying homage to Picasso while adding artistic inspiration to the walls of a school.  Look for more masterpieces to be added each summer!  Here is the mural I painted last year.... Van Gogh!

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