Monday, March 18, 2013

Toy Boxes!

Have kids?  Then I know you have toys.  And they are most likely scattered everywhere.  You have a pile of stuffed animals in the bedroom corner.  There is play food scattered around the house, not even close to the play kitchen set.  And you have a no idea where to put the "dress up" clothes.

Most of us have our kids' toys in the main part of our house, tucked behind the la-z-boy, or in the front room where guests walk past.  Or maybe you have a few toys that stay in their bedroom the rare times your kids are not playing right under foot.

The bottom line is you can always use a place to store toys and why not have it be in a unique painted storage box that will look great for many years to come?  Don't you remember YOUR toy box from your childhood?  Mine was a greenish painted wood with a spindle back and a cushion on top.  We used to ride that cushion down our stairs (whee)!  The toy box is still at my parents' house, still holding our favorite old toys.  So, think about what you would like to give your kids to always have and cherish.

Currently, I have 4 toy boxes that are looking for a home.  They are all solid wood and very durable. They will not slam shut.  I can personalize then with your child's name and make them truly unique.  Their style and theme will last for many years to come and they will serve perfectly as memory chests as your kids grow.

 This baseball themed box is sharp and slick and your little guy will go nuts (your big guy will go nuts too). 

I can paint their name in the scoreboard too!

  Go team! 

And for girls, I have two styles.  One that is yellow with an arrangement of flowers.

And a white box covered in butterflies.  Again, I can personalize!  These suckers are big (36" x18"x 18") and will hold those dress up clothes nicely!

And this turtle toy box is used (I wonder whose toys it held before?) but is ready to serve.  Again, it is solid wood and is painted with a charming turtle and wrap around pond scene.

  How can you resist this?  

All of my toy boxes are sealed with 4 coats of a protective finish, inside and out.  Prices range from $185-$300, so please contact me at if you are interested in purchasing!

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