Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Townhouse Dresser

A repeat customer of mine has long admired my furniture pieces that I paint to look like buildings.  Finally, she had the opportunity to have one custom painted for herself using her father's old dresser.

I typically take a "before" photo, but I must have been so excited to get started that I forgot!  But this piece was your typical stained dresser, it needed some personality!

Once I finished priming, sanding, and base coating the dresser, I usually start with the windows.  I measure them all out with a ruler and then paint the backgrounds gray with a flat brush.  Here is my first blog video showing the next steps of adding the details...

The bottom drawer is reserved for the door to the building and it's fun to add plants, a bicycle, and in this case, the customer's cat!

You can see how painting this dresser transforms it into a work of art and now the customer has a "new" piece she can treasure!

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