Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sports Logos

 Just a quick post as we approach March Madness!  I recently painted this mascot logo for a teenager's room, depicting his school team.  It was a great touch for a slanted ceiling and accented his framed memorabilia on the walls.

Adding team logos to your walls is a fun and unique way to display your team loyalty and show that you are a committed fan.

Sport murals can even be personalized and are perfect for your sports fan of any age!

So, add a sports logo mural to your basement, rec room, bedroom, or garage!
Go Team!


  1. Wow, you amaze me with your talent. Your son's logo is awesome!!!

  2. Thanks, but this was not my son. I have girls!

  3. Hi Corie,

    I enjoyed your logo, in the Madeira gym, several times this basketball season! I remember telling my husband how nice it was! Nice to see it was done by you, great job.

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  5. My daughters are huge sports fans too! They have their favorite team logos painted in their rooms. The Dallas Mavericks is our all-time favorite basketball team. And we definitely have their logo in each of our rooms.

    Jeremy Bastow