Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

I know I'm a few days behind, but I wanted to show you my girls' Halloween costumes. I found these "turkey" hats at Target and immediately knew what I wanted my twins to go as- Thanksgiving Dinner "Before and After!"

Mallory is wearing the real turkey hat with burlap and a fall leaf garland wrapped around her. Celia has the cooked turkey hat with a plate of food hanging from her neck, including silverware! She is wrapped in a tablecloth and has a cloth napkin pinned to her shoulder. They got several laughs & compliments and it was super easy!

Marin was a Soccer Zombie and had a great time with her face made up.

She usually dresses up as something cute or clever, so this year I think she had fun being SCARY!

And here I am at the school's Dance of the Dead event. My girls played down their costumes to be able to run around with friends.

I ran the Cornhole Game that night. I painted this cool Frankenstein on a cornhole board and the kids tried to throw the "brains" back into Frankie's head. It was fun!

And below are some creatures from previous years!

Old lady, Hershey's kiss, Black cat...

Pirate, Pippi Longstocking, Artist...

Jellyfish, Laundry basket, Biker girl...

Thanks for reading & tuck these ideas away for next year!

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