Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Centennial Mural is Finished!

After several months of planning and several more months of actual painting, the Madeira Centennial Mural is finished! The mural was a project inspired by the small town charm of our city and the celebration of its 100th birthday.

A committee was formed and together we decided on over 20 Madeira landmarks, past and present, to document our history. We wanted to capture the memories of our town and inspire people to share their own when they see the mural.

The mural is located in the Madeira Municipal Building, in the lower level Community Room, a room open to the public for meetings, parties, and any other bookings. Here is the building in real life.
Here is the building in my mural! The Police Department is in there too!

I started the mural in June and just finished the other day (October). It is 6.5 feet tall and 22 feet long.

The mural includes historical residences,

local businesses (past and present),

schools (past and present),

parks, and

old churches.
And to make the mural come alive, I painted the people of our community! Little vignettes depict our residents walking, playing, conversing, and admiring the bell created in honor of our 75th birthday. It arrived on a train through the heart of downtown with great fanfare!

And the committee who commissioned the mural threw me an awesome reception to reveal the mural to our community residents.

We covered the mural, so arriving guests had to wait for the big moment. The mayor read me a Proclamation...

and we pulled a curtain down to show it off. The reaction was priceless.

It was such a lovely evening with great snacks, a string quintet, and my family and friends to show their support. I felt honored to be chosen to paint such an important mural for our "Friendly Town" and it is a Madeira memory I will always cherish!

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  1. Corie,
    Wow! What an awesome job you have done capturing the essence of Madeira! I'm sorry I missed the reveal on Monday, but I am very glad you have once again used your artistic talents to capture the beauty of our city!
    Thanks for all your hard work!
    Lori Adams

  2. The mural looks amazing! Glad you included pictures of some of the details for those of us who can't be there to see it in person. Glad to see that all your long hours paid off! Congratulations! (And nice family picture too :)

  3. Corie,
    This is amazing and I love it.. You totally got the look of Madeira and now you are Landmarked All over Madeira.. Way to go!!!!