Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Go Reds?!

Well, so much for sticking around in the post season. The Reds were awesome all season, but sort of uh, choked, in their shot to move on. I got caught up in the winning spur of the Reds and made a few items for all of you die-hard fans.
Here is a picture frame to display that great photo you took the last time you were in the stadium.
Or how about these little Reds ornaments? Very cute and a fun way to remember a winning season. I painted a 1" wooden bead with Mr. Redlegs' face on it and strung it up with sequins and very nice quality beads. They sell for $5.50. Yes, I painted those little faces over & over on a 1" round surface!
And here is a mural I did for a little guy who was born into a Reds fan family.

I have included his name on the scoreboard and birthday on the homerun wall. It makes a great accent wall.

And here's my favorite player- Joey Votto!

Go year!

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