Monday, July 19, 2010

Madeira Centennial Mural Update

I've been plugging away at the Centennial Mural in the Madeira Municipal Building. I feel like I have all summer to work on it, but July is half way over! And, it is trickier to make progress when my kids are around during the day. Can't just disappear and go paint all day!

So, the concept of the mural is to capture the small town qualities of our community by representing buildings from the past and present, along with events and people going about their daily lives.

The buildings are sort of the "characters" in the mural and will allow viewers to recall memories and share stories of their own. Some buildings are no longer standing while others have evolved through the years. For example, our current shoe cobbler shop used to be the municipal building and then the library at one point!

I will try to post more detailed photos in the future, but here is the direction the mural is taking so far! Thanks for looking & I hope you'll have a chance to view it in person sometime!

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  1. Corie, WOW this blog is AWESOME!!!! I LOVE it! You are doing a wonderful job. The mural is incredible. I am going to do a post about you this week. This looks so good!
    Great work! We need to do breakfast when the kids go back to school.. IS it August yet? :)