Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Country Applefest Lebanon

Hey folks! I disappeared for awhile, preparing for my September art shows! My next show is this weekend, the Country Applefest in downtown Lebanon, Ohio. What a charming town filled with antique shops, cute restaurants, and the infamous Golden Lamb Hotel, the oldest hotel in Ohio. Their restaurant is worth the trip!

Come enjoy a day of arts and crafts on Saturday, September 25 from 10am-7pm in the streets of Lebanon. There are lots of holiday crafts, as well as awesome festival food. Pick up your apple butter and cider and be sure to buy the apple fritters early- they always run out!
I wanted to let you know that I will be having some great pieces of furniture for sale as well as a nice variety of new picture frames.
Get your holiday gift giving started by choosing one of my Doodle Books, an "idea starter" sketchbook where each page is HAND DRAWN by me! Wow! And I embellish with fun stickers. Doddle Books are great for kids on car trips, waiting at restaurants, or to keep them occupied whenever! They are also great keepsakes to look back on once the child has grown. So, next time you are looking for a unique and handy gift (think birthdays), pick up a Doodle Book from me! They sell for $14.00
Stop by my booth, #124, at the Applefest and choose the unique hand painted item that is right for you!


  1. WOW your booth looks great! I love all the new furniture pieces too. You need to do a give away for one of your books.. Want to donate one to the Harvest Fest?

  2. I actually donated a book last year and this year I'm donating Christmas items!

  3. Oh, do you mean Doodle Books or Mural Magic book? I donated Mural Magic last year.....