Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Horse Stable Door Mural

It's hard to know what your baby will be "into" as they get a bit older, so a nursery theme can be quite different from the child's interests as they grow. That is what happened to a customer of mine. She had a purple, garden themed nursery painted by another muralist for her baby girl. Very cute!

But when the girl grew to the ripe ole' age of three, she became obsessed with horses. Because the other muralist had moved away, I was called in to add to the room. The mom did not want to paint over the original mural, but wanted to incorporate the girl's love of horses. This was going to be tricky because the room had very little wall space left. The only blank canvas was the closet door! Because the door's designed panels, it was a perfect solution.

So, I painted the door to look like a horse peeking through a stable door! Notice the winning ribbon, too!

And, I also tied in the bedding by painting a horse pasture scene on the toy box at the foot of her bed.

What a great way of keeping the integrity of the original nursery theme, yet updating it by including the child's new interests. The room will grow with the girl and she will be able to greet her very own horse everyday! Hmm... I wonder what she named it?


  1. It is beautiful! I love it! The horses are incredible.

  2. Thanks! It really added her love of horses to the room!

  3. What an awesome job! Love the horse out of the stable door. Keep up the good work!