Friday, October 28, 2011

French Store Front Mural

This was totally fun! 

I had the chance to turn an irregular bedroom wall with a closet door right in the middle of it into a uniquely painted accent wall.  This was painted for a young gal who wanted a French themed store front featuring a bakery and a bookstore. 

I added French titles to the books and tried to give the customer a delicious selection of treats.  

I plan to paint a separate plaque to mount of the door saying "Open" in French or include the store's name.  The paneled door made it tricky to paint clean lettering so I am going with the plaque idea.  

The homeowner also plans to add a fabric awning to hang over the door.  I think these will be important finishing touches.  

I also painted a lamp post and street sign and included the beloved family cat they recently had to part with.  

The stump holding books will be next to her love seat once the furniture is back into place.  

The girl also had a decorated wooden letter "C" hanging from a ribbon that they wanted to include.  So, I came up with adding a flying bird and they can add a nail so the "C" hangs from the bird's mouth.  I will have to post more pictures of this mural once the three dimensional touches are added.

And this is Izzy who kept me company all day (stuck paws in my water, sniffed my lunch, and played fetch with a toy down the hallway).

This idea of incorporating a mural around a doorway would look great in any room (not just for kids).  Think of your pantry door in your kitchen or a linen closet down the hall.  I can turn any blah wall into a fantastic wall!

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  1. Corrie your work is phenomenal. I would be so grateful to have your talent. I am hoping to go to the Lakota show Mechelle said she is setting up for you. I heard it is a really good show!! Take care!