Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Safari Rooms!

An Okapi?  Really?  Yes! 

This boy's room was given an updated look by taking his nursery theme (jungle animals) and tweaking them so they are very realistic and more importantly, include his favorites!  The boy had a giraffe, hippo, lion, etc. painted by someone else on his wall for his nursery. After priming over the animals and painting the room blue, I came in and added the new look. 

The boy loves okapi's, so that gave me the opportunity to paint my first one!  I think he looks pretty velvety.

 A tiger guards the corner under a tree.  A different look then ones I've painted in the past (looking off to the side).

 An iguana hangs from a branch overlooking a spectacled caiman near the ground. 

 And on the adjacent wall, I've included a komodo dragon. Very unusual!

 So, the next time you are considering a jungle themed room, the possibilities go beyond the typical giraffe and elephant!

And while we are talking about animals....

I have to share that our pet bunny of 6 years died last week.  Pennington, our free bunny we picked up spontaneously at a garage sale (named Penny until we found out he was a boy).  He was so soft and loved bananas and dandelions.  We will miss you, Pennington!


  1. a wonderful menagerie!
    so sorry about your bunny, Corie.

  2. Thanks. It's always nice to be challenged into painting an unusual animal!