Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Corporate Logo

I had the terrific opportunity to work with a company that moved to a new location, thus rescuing an old warehouse in an underdeveloped and poor part of Cincinnati. The folks at Nehemiah Manufacturing asked me to paint their company logo on the main entry wall to greet visitors and announce their mission.

I used a paper template to transfer the image onto the wall, then hand painted the lettering once I had the sketch transferred. I spent many hours on a lift in a poorly heated building! The design is about 7 feet off the ground and approximately 7 feet wide.

On an additional wall, I painted the logo of a product that Nehemiah manufactures: Pampers Kandoo wipes and soaps. The Kandoo word is about 5 feet wide and the frog is about 5 feet tall.

So, consider adding a personal and creative touch to your business through a graphic mural. Clients will be so impressed and it will make the location YOURS.

Stay warm and keep checking back!


  1. Great artwork all through your examples. We saw your art at the Hyde Park Art Show about three years ago ... and have followed your progress ever since.